Ode to Indie Bookstores

After posting my dream to open a bookstore/café on Facebook—a fantasy if there ever was one—friends’ enthusiasm floored me. Some posted about the resurgence of successful independent bookstores; others emailed practical advice. One exchange turned into a date to catch up in person. The support helped me remember why I fell in love with books … Continue reading Ode to Indie Bookstores


On Waiting

On a biannual visit with my husband to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to visit my mother-in-law, we opt to stay local. “Are you bored?” my father half-jokes on the phone after I spend ten minutes praising the cozy back porch. “Not too much,” I laugh. A Connecticut native, I’ve spent the last two years living in … Continue reading On Waiting

A Taste of Vermont Next to New York City

In the two months since New York City became my unofficial home, I’ve struggled to adapt to Woodlawn, a cozy neighborhood in the Bronx. The spill of intersecting highways combined with my aging car’s accelerating wheeze means I’m usually white-knuckled on the short drive to the gym. The search for accessible green space and lack of affordable public transportation has been … Continue reading A Taste of Vermont Next to New York City