What If Death Wasn’t Death At All

Last August we adopted thirteen-year-old Fluffy "Senior" from Mount Vernon Animal Shelter. His inclusion in our home made us a family. After months of failed treatment for a mouth infection, Fluffy recently stopped eating, drawing sustenance from plentiful cuddles and grooming instead. As we move deeper into his final days, I find myself thinking of my curmudgeonly-but-good-at-heart … Continue reading What If Death Wasn’t Death At All


Welcoming Fluffy

Watching my partner and our new cat doze, I journal about the unexpected with an unnerving mix of peace and anxiety: what’s next? “Savor," I write. Instead I field a friend’s question about whose idea it was to adopt yet another pet. In recent years, my search for a docile cat had ended in the adoption of ill-fitting … Continue reading Welcoming Fluffy