On Waiting

On a biannual visit with my husband to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to visit my mother-in-law, we opt to stay local. “Are you bored?” my father half-jokes on the phone after I spend ten minutes praising the cozy back porch. “Not too much,” I laugh. A Connecticut native, I’ve spent the last two years living in … Continue reading On Waiting


The Difference Between Understanding And Experiencing Privilege

This month, pending a background check, I’ll start co-leading a writing group for clients at a mental health agency in New York City. It’s the fusion of two passions—creative writing and ending stigma against mental illness. After arriving at the agency yesterday to complete paperwork, I lingered in the lobby waiting for my appointment to … Continue reading The Difference Between Understanding And Experiencing Privilege

On Gratitude

For a long time, whenever I had a good day, I would walk along the shore and pick up a pale shell or glittery stone to mark it, like a trophy or a souvenir. It didn’t matter the season; even in winter, I’d trudge along the water’s edge, searching. Before long, I’d filled a glass … Continue reading On Gratitude